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Underwater Clean Up | World Oceans Day 2019

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It’s World Oceans Day today and everyday! We carried out an underwater clean up at a local divesite Blue Corner/Cemetery Bay in Malapascua, Philippines. This bay is normally used as our confined open water training area as it is quite shallow with a sandy bottom.

Exotic boat at Blue Corner


We had a team of 7 divers in total and surveyed the shallow area in the bay for about an hour, max depth 3.9m and min depth 1.4m. The conditions were very good and everyone enjoyed the dive with clear & warm water.

Picking up trash underwater


Thanks to all the effort of our divers, we have collected four full bags of debris underwater and brought them back to the boat safely. 

Four bags of debris collected


The total weight of the debris is 19.26kg!!! We segregated all of the 3163 pieces of debris consist of plastic, glass&ceramic, metal, wood, rubber, cloth and paper items. One thing to mention is that we have got 2.95kg of small plastic fragments which mostly comes from daily usage. It's an alert that we should reduce our plastic waste on the island in general and everyone needs to take action today.

Segregated debris


All data has been logged online, report link is as below if anyone is interested:

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