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World Ocean Day Clean-up Dive

Blue Marine Dive Eco Warriors

eco warriors ready to take action

World Ocean Day Clean-up Dive, Blue Marine Team and friends did it! Here are a few in action pictures and soon you will see more from the 8 bags of trash that we collected during this #diveagainstdebris dive. 



World Ocean DAY beach and dive clean-up:

this is what was found by our little team of #EcoWariors .

But once the bags were brought in, we still had to sort them out.


trash separeting the trashDorianne  working on the separation of the trash to send to recicle


From 9 bags of trash, we were able to make 4 fully recyclable. Which means that 4 bags will not end up on the dump and won't become smoke. #recycle is the way! #aplasticocean #saynotoplastic#diveagainstdebris #projectaware #padiwomen #diving #gilitrawangan#giliecotrust #take3forthesea #beachcleanup

beach clean up after the dive

Blue Marine Dive Trawangan under the organization of Dorianne Cuenoud and Walter Schmit  wants to thanks to all those divers from all around the world( Argentina, Swizertland, Indonesia, sweden,Germany & Spain ) who shared time in our beach and Dive clean up  at Blue Marine Dive Trawangan.

Terima Kasi 

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