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World Oceans Day blog

save the turtles photo by djash_e

Worlds Oceans Day


With the Friday beach clean up, the diving community on Gili Trawangan, started the celebration of the World Oceans Day. Tomorrow 8th of June all the dive centers will run a Dive Against Debris and big ocean clean up. We have divers, snorkelers and free divers ready to remove as much rubbish as possible. On the top of that Eco Warriors from Gili Eco Trust, organized additional workshops on how to reuse and recycle plastic, they prepared various activity's for children and at the end of the day we will play our favorite music bingo at Lava bar. Profit from that event will contribute to all eco projects on Gili Trawangan, such as waste management, building artificial reefs to protect the shore line and many others.


Plastic is a massive problem world wide and therefore around Gili Islands we see more and more of it during our dives.


More than 8 million tons of trash enters the ocean every year causing a massive impact on marine life. I’m sure we’ve all seen at least one video or photo of an entangled animal that struggles because of our rubbish. What we need to realize is that our waste at some point will end up in the ocean eventually. I personally struggle with living a waste free life, especially when everything around me is wrapped in plastic.


The positive thing is that we can all make a difference, every bit counts and that is our main goal for the World Oceans Day. To educate and promote care for the ocean. Everyone is welcome, anyone can join. Divers, non divers it doesn’t matter.


Once we’ve collected the rubbish we will be submitting a survey with all the data to Project Aware, Dive Against Debris. Their aiming to have as many volunteers and divers involved so Project AWARE can add the underwater view to a problem that remains out of sight for most of the public and help identify target areas where waste prevention efforts are needed most. Read more about their projects on


If you want to stay up to date on what’s going on Gili Trawangan follow my dive shop insta @trawangandive or follow me directly @laura_kazi

Kiss kiss happy WORLD OCEANS DAY!!   




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