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Zhuilang Diving Center - The ocean behind the "mangosteen" typhoon needs more care 追浪潜水中心 - “山竹”台风过后的海洋需要更多的照顾

beverage can 18 years ago 18年前的饮料罐

On September 22, 11 divers completed the first Dive Against Debris after the typhoon "Mangosteen" transited at a low visibility of 0.5m. They collected a total of 57 pieces of marine debris from Yangmeikeng diving site, with a total weight of 18.4KG, including 46 pieces of plastic waste, 3 pieces of metal, 8 pieces of fabric, and even a beverage can 18 years ago.

9月22日,在台风“山竹”过境后。以0.5米的低能见度的情况下,11名潜水员完成了第一次水下打击海洋垃圾活动。 他们从杨梅坑潜水点收集了57块海洋垃圾,总重量为18.4KG,其中包括46块塑料垃圾,3块金属,8块布料,甚至18年前的饮料罐。

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