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We're Not Waiting. We're Leading

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Annual Impact Reports & Financials

Every year, we take action to create both local and global change for the ocean and the communities who depend on it. Our local actions collectively protect the most vulnerable marine species and decrease pollution. We work together for a clean, healthy ocean – and we have fun doing it!

A registered nonprofit since 1992, we are an impactful, respected and trusted leading organization for ocean enthusiasts the world over. Our groundswell of action is creating change. From the policy meetings and conferences to the local community and your dive site. We're not waiting. We are leading.

Each and every achievement is made possible by the generous support and direct actions of our supporters across the globe. Through careful financial planning and auditing, Project AWARE ensures that every contribution achieves maximum impact for the ocean.

2017 Annual Report I 2017 Financial Report I 2016 Annual Report I 2016 990 I 2016 Financial Report  | 2015 Year in Review I 2015 Financial Report I 2015 990 | 2014 Year In Review & Financial Report | 2014 990 I 2013 Annual Report I 2013 990 I 2012 Annual Report I 2011 Annual Report

We are proud to be recognized as a financially accountable, transparent and results-oriented organization. 

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#LoveTheUnloved Photo Contest
Show your support for the listing of sea cucumbers at CITES CoP18. It's time to #LoveTheUnloved

From the My Ocean Community

My Ocean is a growing community of conservation leaders. Together, our actions add up to global impact for our ocean planet.